Saturday, December 15, 2012

What Happens in Bahia, Stays in Bahia.

Last week we traveled to Vitoria da Conquista, Bahia. Bahia is the state directly north of us and Vitoria da Conquista is one of the larger cities in the state. We traveled there to visit with Caio (baiano) and his family. We stayed in Conquista for two days and then traveled to a beach town called Porto Seguro with his family, it was a really good time for us, strengthened our relationship with Caio and his family. It was also very refreshing to have people care for us.

Caio's family is different than the majority of students we come in contact here. His parents are Christians, married, living together and seem like they really respect each other and are friends, which is uncommon here. Caio has one brother, Victor, who is currently in the USA as an exchange student in Washington state, and a sister Gabriella. We really enjoyed our time with this family.

Below are a few photos of our travels.

On the airplane, just in case we go down in the jungle.

Caio's father has three farms, we visited one of them that has cattle and mandioca.

Mandioca. Its like a potato. Grows underground and you can prepare it many different ways.

Downtown Porto Seguro at night.

Porto Seguro by day.

Us with Caio and his sister Gabi.

Brazil flag on left, Bahia state flag on right.

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