Monday, October 31, 2011

A Typical Week

Over the past few weeks we have gotten into a groove somewhat with our schedule: A typical week looks like this. (keep in mind every week is subject to change so I use the word "typical" losely)

Monday/Segunda: Staff Meeting-We meet every Monday with all the staff to talk/plan/update.

Tuesday/Terça: Usually study Portuguese in the AM and then class in the PM.

Wednesday/Quarta: Campus day, we spend the later half of the morning on campus and have lunch with students, using this time to cultivate and go deeper in relationships.

Thursday/Quinta: The busiest day for us. Campus in the AM, I am currently studying the Book of John with two Engineering students+lunch with them. Portuguese class in the early PM. Late PM-Discussion Group or Futsal depending on which week.

Friday/Sexta: AM: Different from week to week. PM: Usually spent with other people/students/community doing various things, dinner/birthday party/etc.

Saturday/Sabado: AM: I (Brian) go to campus to do a Bible Study with a student studying Economics. PM: Relax

Sunday/Domingo: AM: Relax/Read/Listen to a sermon in English. PM: Church

•Abbey is studying the Bible with a few girls but I think they study on a different day every week.
•This schedule is subject to change

Thanks for reading.