Monday, June 27, 2011

The Land of Holidays

This past Thursday was Corpus Christi day here in Brazil.  When I asked Brazilians What is Corpus Christi day?  Most don't know and say its some kind of Catholic Holiday but since most everyone gets off work for Thursday and Friday no one seems to be complaining.  Below is a list of the Brazilian holidays, you can click on the name of holiday to find out more about it.

Week Day
January - 01
March - 05
March - 06
March - 07
March - 08
April - 21
April - 22
May - 01
June - 23
September - 07
October - 12
November - 02
November - 15
December - 25

At first glance you may be thinking that this is not a very long list. The amount of days on the list is not much but you need to add a day to most holidays and keep in mind that everybody takes holidays here in Brazil. Once you add in the months of January and July the two big travel months for Brazil you now have the Land of Holidays. Our Sindica put it best when she said, "Do you know of another country that has as many holidays as Brazil", she said this as her family was packing to visit their country home for the holiday.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


The theme for the CCP this year is called Origin or Origem in Portuguese.  This past weekend we kicked off the festivities by watching the movie Origem or Inception in English.  We used this film to drive the talks and discussions. Here are pictures from the weekend.

Group Shot              

Pricisila & Abbey


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 14 2011

Its been a few weeks since we last updated the blog.  We are in our busy season, a group of Americans from Campus Outreach Memphis have been here since the end of May and we are swamped with time on campus, language classes and transitioning to life here in Brazil. Things are going well. God is giving us favor on campus and we are meeting new students and some seem very interested in what is going on with the Americans and the community.

Thank you for all your prayers and support.

I will write more later and try to post some pictures from last weekend.  Last weekend we had a weekend away in the interior of Brazil with the community, new students, and the CCP(Americans).