Monday, February 21, 2011

Our First Full Week

Last week was our first full week in Belo Horizonte and it was packed with meetings, acquiring our CPF card and looking for apartments.  Last week all of the campus staff met for four days last week to plan for the whole year, we also were stimulated by Tim Keller's Gospel in Life small group study.  A study we did about a year ago with our small group in Birmingham.  It was great to do it again in a new setting.

We also acquired our CPF card.  Its much like a social security card that you have in the states.  Our day last Wednesday started at the Federal Police where we had our visas validated.  A short car ride to the center of the city and three lines later we had our CPF card.  Now we can get an apartment.

We looked at three apartments last week and are looking at two more tomorrow.  The leading candidate right now is an apartment located on Rua Artur Joviano.  We will keep you up to date on the apartment search.

This is Belo Horizonte

Saturday, February 12, 2011

We're Here! Part 2

Sorry for the shaky camera and the copious amounts of "ums". Next time I will get a cameraman and write a script.  For now sit back and enjoy the show.

We're Here!

Here is a picture from out the window in our room, its the southern part of the city.  I took some video as well but I am having a difficult time uploading it. I will try to post the video later.  We are here safe and sound with all of our luggage.  We had dinner with the staff and had an orientation meeting and today we are having a welcoming party with staff and students.

We want to thank all of our supporters, friends and most importantly our family for supporting us in this journey.



Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Moving Day

Boxing Your Life Away
Last week was spent boxing most of belongings into four foot tall boxes, preparing them to ship to Brasil.  It was quite comical packing the items into these boxes, we started out organized as we could be. We would weigh everything to make sure nothing was overweight and write down what items were in what box but by the time we got to the 7th box we were just throwing things in, a sock here, printer cables(that go to the printer thats in box #4) a shirt, Abbey's wedding dress(just kidding, no wedding dress).  We know it will be very interesting when we open our boxes, we will pull out pots and pans alongside t-shirts alongside sewing items alongside the alarm clock we put in there that I am really missing right now.

The Company
Do you have any shipping needs to Brasil? Visit BR Courier at  This is the company we are using and so far have been very impressed. Ask for Renata.

The Moving Truck
 Below is my truck loaded down with our belongings.  On the other side we have three boxes and a dryer.  I was very impressed with the F-150s capability to handle this load.