Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Spiderman, The Joker, Roberto Justus and Santa Claus

What do Spiderman, The Joker, Roberto Justus and Santa Claus have in common? They were all present at a costume party in the Spring here in Belo Horizonte. All these stars are involved in some Bible study or Discipleship group of some sort. A couple are believers and one is studying the Bible specifically the life of Jesus.

Spider-Man = Paulino. He recently graduated from PUC-Minas and is going through the new members class at our church. When I met him a year ago he was not a believer but full of questions.
The Joker = Caio. Caio and I are studying the book along with Marco Túlio. We just finished chapter 15 today and his questions are more focused and direct. When I met him, he had many doubts and questions.

Roberto Justus = Me. Roberto Justus is the Brazilian Donald Trump. He has a lot of money, fires people but also host several different shows here in Brazil. Just like me or not.
Santa Claus = Marco Túlio. MT became a believer a couple of years ago and is studying John with Caio and I. He has great insight and helps me a ton understand Portuguese and does a great job explaining things.

Here is another picture of Caio and Marco Túlio. Minus the face paint and red suit.

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