Saturday, April 21, 2012


Here is an interesting article on how we are all like Pelé.

Just like Pelé


Thursday, April 19, 2012


Last Week,
 Abbey and I looked at 3 apartments near the campus of PUC-Minas. You might be asking your self Why? Didn't you just move into the apartment your in? Why yes, we have been in this apartment for one year, its nice, we like our neighbors (they are very helpful), the neighborhood is nice. Abbey can walk to the grocery store,bakery, etc.  So why move? I guess the simple answer is that we want students on the campus of PUC-Minas to meet Jesus. We live 6 miles from campus, 6 miles is not very far if you live in Peachtree City, GA or Birmingham, AL, but 6 miles is very long if you live in Belo Horizonte. On average my commute takes around 25-35 minutes one way. Sometimes it can take closer to an hour. I have also noticed that I have not adjusted to the driving like I've adjusted to the language. My capacity for language is growing, I can speak and listen to Portuguese longer than I could when I arrived but driving is tiring. Constant stopping and going with a manual is not fun, and when you get on the "highway" the large trucks are not fun to deal with either add in motorcycles passing by you on both sides and it puts Talladega to shame. If we move to the neighborhood PUC-Minas is in then I could walk to the campus, have students over for lunch, and have Bible studies in the house more frequently. I will keep you updated on this process, thanks for reading.