Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August 26 2009

As of today we need 4,965.00 in monthly support or 83% of our budget to go to Brazil. It seems like a lot but we have already been amazed at what God will do and is doing through people. As I write this our hearts are heavy to be in Brazil, to be learning Portuguese in Brazil, to be acclimating to the culture and learning a new city.
But, we are here. Abbey is doing an amazing job of caring for three small girls and I am growing in patience and understanding daily by working with elementary students with special needs. It is not a bad thing that we are here, it is where God has us and he has blessed us here. We are a part of a very special Sunday school class at the church we attend and we continue to grow in community with them.
I dont even know if anyone reads this. If anyone does, please pray for perseverance for Abbey and I as we continue to raise support.
Thank you

Monday, August 3, 2009


Brazil is the largest country in South America by population (198 million) and square miles. It is the 5th largest by population in the world, and is slightly smaller than the United States when it comes to area. The three largest metro areas in Brazil order from biggest to smallest is Sao Paulo(19.6 million) Rio de Janiero(11.8 million) and then Belo Horizonte(5.3 million).

The economy of Brazil is growing, one of the big reasons is that it is independent of Middle Eastern oil, and they produce a sugar cane ethanol which cars can run on. When I wrote this the exchange rate was US $1.00= R$ 1.8. The currency in Brazil is called the Real pronounced (Hey-al).

In Portuguese, which is the national language of Brazil, R's are pronounced like you would pronounce an H in English. For example Rob=Hob or Ronaldo=Honaldu. But then again I am not the linguist of the family and as I write I feel Abbey would do a much better job explaining the language of Brazil.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Why Brazil?

We have both felt called to missions for many years, since high school for me and college for Brian. So, when I went to Brazil in 2005 and was asked to consider coming back as staff after college, I began praying about it. I felt confirmation that this was where I needed to go and began the assessment process for joining the Brazilian staff team. Brian was also asked to consider returning as staff when he went to Brazil in 2006. He went forward with assessment as well around the same time that God was bringing us together and growing our friendship into something more. We are very excited that we will now be moving to Brazil as a married couple instead of two single people. God has blessed us with each other and by doing that has also given us more confirmation in our plans for Brazil.