Monday, March 19, 2012

New Website!

Check out the new Campus Outreach website. All the Campus Outreach franchises can be found in one area, you can watch talks by John Piper and Matt Chandler. You can learn where Belo Horizonte, Brasil is on the map. Need I say more.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Our Neighborhood-Cruzeiro

Cruzeiro- The name of our neighborhood.

Abbey and I went walking around the neighborhood and I took my camera. I thought some people might enjoy what our neighborhood looks like.

We live on Rua Artur Joviano

Quiet Street, right now at least

Local Gym

When the lights are blinking, get out of the way.


Local private school

The place we buy our fruits & vegetables

The local grocery store.  Infamous for long lines and disgruntled customers
Our Apartment Building

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Excellent Adventures of Brian & Abbey-US Edition

We spent 2.5 weeks in February in the United States of America. We arrived on the 12th and left on the 29th. Our main objective for visiting was to attend the First Bible Church-Decatur, AL missions conference. We also visited with supporters and friends throughout our time.
From the 12th-20th we spent time in the Atlanta metro area, visiting supporters and friends throughout the area. The 20th-23rd we spent time in Birmingham,AL. We visited friends and supporters and then headed to Decatur,AL from the 23rd-26th for the missions conference. From the 26th-29th time was spent in Peachtree City, GA. Our time was tiring but good, we were running low on energy and then we ran into Decatur, AL and were very encouraged by First Bible and are still riding the high from the missions conference.
First Bible Decatur Missions Conference 2012

For those who care about FOOD:
FOOD                                                              Visited
Chick-fil-A                                                           8
Mexican                                                               3 ( i know, I need to pick it up in this area next time)
Sandwich Place (Firehouse, Panera)                   4 (I love a good sandwich)

We had a great time in the US and are excited to be back in Belo. Thanks to all who grabbed a breakfast, lunch or dinner with us. We enjoyed hearing about whats going on in your lives.