Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Same ol' Same

Today is Tuesday March 31, 2010. We are pretty much at the same place with support that we were two weeks ago. The slow times during the support raising process are the hard times. Its times like these where I feel the Lord is doing work. I mean He is always working but its times like these when we have no distractions, nothing is happening. Sometimes these periods last longer than others. Its during these times where I can really feel the Lord chipping away, sculpting us into His image.  These times are always better when I can look back and see the complete lesson of what the Lord was teaching me for that particular time. These are teaching times for sure.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Half Way

We are pretty much half way through our support raising. We need 3,000 more in continuous giving and $11,500 one time and we will be able to leave for Belo Horizonte. We will also be starting the visa process. No not for a credit card but a visa that will allow us to legally enter and live in Brazil. In most countries this can be easily done but the process of applying and getting a long term visa to Brazil can take 6 months. Even if you do the proper paper work they can still deny you. It can be a little nerve racking to say the least.  Pray that the visa process will be as smooth as possible.  I mean who wouldn't want the Harpers living in their country? (below is a picture of a Brazilian visa)