Thursday, July 14, 2011


For the past 7.5 weeks we've had a group of US college students from Campus Outreach Memphis here in Brazil working with us.  The group left last Thursday night.  While they were here they did a great job of stirring up a lot of action on the campuses of PUC-MG and UFMG. New people are involved in the community from the summer, some are Believers, many are not. Please pray that the relationships can continue to grow and mature especially during the month of July while the students are on break.

Caio and Marco Tullio are freshman Engineering students at PUC.

Clarissa is a freshman Engineering student at PUC and she is friends with Caio & Marco Tullio.
Ana Luiza is a Psyschology student at PUC.

Matheus is a law student at PUC and is involved with the community, Wes was one of the students from Memphis.

Group shot from the Final Retreat.

Thank you for your financial support and prayer. God has been teaching us a lot lately on the power of prayer and how helpless we are without Him. Continue to pray for us, we thank you more than you know.