Monday, December 24, 2012

Paulino's Testimony

The Story: Paulino and I (Brian) met pretty early on when we arrived in Brazil. He had contact with the staff before we arrived and contact with the Cross Cultural Project that we host every summer. He was not a Christian when we met, but was interested in studying the Bible, particularly the life of Christ. Through the study of the Word, experiencing the Christian community of the campus ministry and the church and living with a believer Paulino's life was changed. God used all these things at different times in his life to remove the scales from his eyes and allow him to see his need for Christ and to accept Christ as his savior.

Trouble: If you are having trouble understanding him, listen to it twice. He says the word "culture" towards the end that will be hard to decipher with an untrained ear. We also have the Portuguese version available as well.

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