Friday, November 2, 2012

Looking Ahead

The last month I (Brian) took part in four separate meetings/retreats/conferences per say. The first was a church retreat we had at the beginning of September, the second was our annual Staff Stimulus in the middle, the third was Campus Outreach Campus Directors Training in Birmingham, Al and the last and most recent was the Catalyst Conference in Duluth, GA. Not only did I take part in all of these but Alan Andrioni, (Campus Director at UFMG) did as well. It was a avalanche of ideas, practical ideas on how we can do our jobs better and large abstract ideas on how we can move the ministry forward.  Here are some of the big take aways: (none of these are my original ideas)

  • If we feel bad or get down when things are not going well/growing, we will take the credit when things are going well/growing. 
  • Tradition is not the mission.
  • Don't worry about resistance, worry when there is no resistance.
  • Focus, focus, focus.
  • God has given us bigger responsibilities than our work. 
Alan and I have been meeting once a week to discuss in detail more of what we learned and what we are learning. We are excited at where God is moving us and are excited for the future.

Abra├žo & Thanks 4 Reading.


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