Wednesday, November 21, 2012

An Afternoon with Galo

Clube Atlético Minero is one of the soccer teams in our city, somehow Abbey and I chose to cheer for them. They are not that good, they've won 1 Brazilian National Title/Brasilierão in the history of the club and that was back in 1950. The mascot of the team is the galo or rooster, but roosters here are a little more intimidating as rooster fights were very popular here in the past.  This year Galo has done fairly well, currently they are in 3rd place in the league standings. They also have a guy named Ronaldinho Gaucho who played for Barcelona and A.C. Milan earlier in his career, he is two time FIFA player of the year, which means at the height of his career he was voted the best soccer player in the world. Ronaldinho is past his prime yet is still one of the best players on the field.

Galo fans exiting the metrô

Proof we actually attended the game

Estádio Independencia

These people want Ronaldinho to stay with the team, rumor is he will leave Galo for another team.
Galo!!!! This section was the craziest of all.
This is soccer in S.America. Security is a must.
The stadium was nice, Galo is playing here while they renovate the Minerão for the World Cup.


Galo fans love R49.

Is that Ronaldinho?....nope just some cheap mask.

 Galo tied that day 2-2 but almost on command Ronaldinho scored the game-tying goal as the game was nearing the end. We actually didn't see it, we just heard the noise of the crowd as we left early to make our way home.

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